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McAfee Web Control & Outlook Email Annotations

Summary This post explains the investigation steps we took and the tools we used to work out how McAfee Web Control functions within our IT Estate. Topic on McAfee Forums: Problem / Issue we have with McAfee Web Control Email annotations do not load on malicious sites that appear in emails in Microsoft Outlook. How does McAfee Web Control Work? Web Control uses JavaScript as its core to display the Web Control warning, So Web Control uses executable mfewc.exe to do all the work. It also calls a child process which can be seen. Outlook references the DLL files which can be found in the Web Control installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Web Control) like  wchook.dll . There are two versions of the wchook.dll which are 32bit and 64bit. This has no effect on the Microsoft Office version, just the Windows Operating system architecture.  C:\Prog